My Reiyukai Story

Life change to positive way

I am Gino Bidol Ramires. I am 28 years old. I live in Paranaque City, Philippines. I’m Jun-Shibucho from Branch 6.

I was born on 30th June, 1986. My mother¡Çs name is Marijoan B. Ramirez and she is a housewife. My father’s name is Johnny B. Ramirez. He is a OFW seaman. I have seven (7) siblings including three brothers and four sisters. We belongs to a low class family.

My childhood upto about when I am ten years old, I was a very active enthusiastic boy. Thereafter things changed. I became someone who rejected by good people. I was stubborn, hardheaded and vey low patience. I did not care anyone’s opinion which give for my own best. I was not good with my own brothers and sisters. I hated everyone around me. It was building enemies against me at the school and also streets. Because I did not believe that anyone would nice to me. I was trying to dictate my brothers and sisters and everyday ends with unpleasant fights. Everything was happening until I Reiyukai come to my life.

At the first honestly I did know any reason or motive to join Reiyukai. Mrs. Rizalina Tenorio of Reiyukai Philippine who is a good friend of my and my family, asked me to join Reiyukai. I agreed because I couldn’t refuse Mrs. Rizalina. When I went to Tagaytay to attend couple of leadership training seminars I experienced the peace and harmony they have. And the enjoyment and unity among every members and leaders. Everyone internalising and live with the practice of Reiyukai. That changed me. I realised that this is a place I must be. I wish all my friends must be here at Reiyukai and change their lives to be a better person than they are now. Also become an inspiration for other for a better future.

When become a member at the beginning Reiyukai staff explain everything about the teaching. That explanations become the reason and motive to be a good member of Reiyukai. Even they explain there are confusions, because of some words in sutra and sokaimyo. Specially the Japanese Character even the budhisathwa names in sutra. Some people afraid that we might inserted into another religion because of the Japanese people and budhisathwa names who named out in sutra. So we have to explain harder and more in detailed about Reiyukai to correct people’s misunderstanding. But now they have become easy about Reiyukai.

I read sutra whenever I wanted. It didn’t have a specific day or a time. But when my family got some problems I was pushed to read them twice a day until problems solved. It worked. So then I made it regularly to keep the health of my family and grant my wishes. But I found that the more you embrace the practice, more you tested, more problem came to my family. I kept my faith in doing practice reading sutra two times a day attending gatherings and pray to our ancestors. I still continue following and do the practice because I believe it helps me.

When I started to become a leader and try to michibiki no one believed in me. Because they knew me as a bad guy. So they doubted my words. But I kept continuing attending to leadership training seminars and reading sutra. I found out that I need to change myself as a great leader and be an example. Otherwise no one will believe in you. I need to encourage them proving that the teachings at Reiyukai is exactly helping anyone for better future. So, from there I was able to get rid of all my negative attitudes one by one. So, I try to mingle again with other peoples. Also to my siblings to be a more approachable brother to them. I understood criticisms from other people being impatience and hard headed. After sometime some of my friends told me that I have changed and appreciated the new attitudes. But I wasn’t taking that comment serious and laughed at them. But they were really serious about that. So I believed that I really have changed. Then I also encouraged them to be a member of Reiyukai because it help me to change and improve myself.

Being a member of an organisation called Reiyukai who is trying to live with the practice and its teaching, I leaned the importance of the family. So, I treasure my family by giving the love, care and respect to them as much as they love me from years. I promise to help my parents to guide my siblings to keep them safe and good.

I am a former member of Patrol 117, it¡Çs a volunteer resident along our street that helps promote beautification, cleanliness and peaceful along our streets. I am not a member anymore but still I help some activities of patrol 117 like planting and cleaning. Some of patrol 117 are also now members of reiyukai and joining gathering.

My aim for the future as a member is to empower the good relationship of the family, guide the youth to rightful perfective and living, respect each one to have harmonious relationships to commit world peace. To continue the teaching of Reiyukai and be a role model to everyone showing that everything is possible if you believe and work hard to be able to achieve yours dreams and goals.