introductionReiyukai is an international membership-based non-profit organization. It was founded by Kakutaro Kubo (1892-1944) and Kimi Kotani (1901-1970) on July 13, 1930. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan, and is represented in more than 26 countries and regions with more than 5 million members registered worldwide. Reiyukai’s goal is to establish a circle of people who will contribute to the development of world peace. To achieve this goal, Reiyukai encourages everyone to focus on self-development by incorporating the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha in their daily life. The principles and the activities of Reiyukai are not limited to race, nationality, gender, or belief. Reiyukai provides an opportunity of generating substantial change within each individual whom is able to interact positively with others and bring improvement within one’s family, community, society, and the world.