For an establishment of a better society and world peace, Reiyukai organizes a variety of activities within Japan and in different countries. Reiyukai is also a supporter of numerous social projects. Let us introduce to you some of the noteworthy activities and projects that Reiyukai has been conducting.

*For the activities and projects organized in different countries, please contact the regional office.

Reiyukai Social Welfare Center

Reiyukai’s social welfare activities consist of not only providing aid and financial support, but also focus on the root of human existence, acknowledgement and respect of each other’s viewpoints, covering each other’s weaknesses, growing harmoniously together thereby support each other’s precious life actively and independently. Reiyukai’s social welfare activities do not separate people in groups of “people who act” and “people that receive.” The fundamental idea is to see the “life” and show compassion for each other. The initiatives for the early days of Reiyukai’s social welfare activities were taken by Mrs. Kimi Kotani, co-founder of Reiyukai, where the Kunitomo Fujin Kai (Nation-Friend Women’s Auxiliary) did a variety of voluntary activities such as visiting welfare institutions, cleaning public facilities, and planting trees. Since then, Reiyukai has been actively involved with a wide range of social welfare activities. Today, Reiyukai focuses on social welfare for handicap people. Some of the activities are operating the “Reiyukai Hoyu Braille Library,” “Job Training Workshop for the Handicap,” “Handicap Volunteer Training Workshop,” and promote the activities of “Sansha no Kai (A Triangle Support Group that consists of the Handicap, the Family, and the Volunteers/Caretakers)” in different locations.