Inner-Self Development Workshops and Gatherings

Inner-Self Development is one of the principal concepts that Reiyukai proposes to the society. In order to obtain significant inner-self development, Reiyukai advocates the importance of improving one’s relationship with their parents and ancestors. Through the daily action of honoring your ancestors and nurturing your relationship with them, one can realize the good aspects as well as the aspects that need improving upon within themselves. The inspiration that brings change into the people are the actual experiences that each person can obtain through the practice. Furthermore, Reiyukai provides an opportunity to share personal experiences with other members to discuss and analyze, so that we may learn from each other’s experiences. The public is welcome to attend the gatherings that are held at the Reiyukai facilities twice a month. Reiyukai also organizes intensive workshops to discuss how to improve one’s life through the practices of Reiyukai.