Reiyukai Environmental Management

Basic Concept

Creating a Social Environment Where “Life” and “Future” are Cherished.

At Reiyukai, we are grateful for nature and for the blessings from the animals and plants that are part of our global community. We aim to create a world where “Life” and the “Future” of the people who live in communities are cherished, as well as preserve the earth’s environment for the humanity that shall last for generations to come. Thus, we will work vigorously on creating a social environment.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will engage to prevent environmental contamination, while aiming to establish a better social habitat, by complying with the laws and regulations relating to the environment, as well as other various acknowledged requirements that we agree.
  2. We will continually revise our Environmental Management System. We will also be actively calling to attention and raise awareness in order to reduce the burden on the environment through our public relations.
    1. Promote educational and enlightening activities through our media such as printed magazines; “Ashita 21” and “Meiho”, as well as VivitShakaden reports.
    2. Promote educational and enlightening activities through various events organized in the Reiyukai Headquarters’ facility and Mirokusan.
    3. Promote educational and enlightening activities through various events organized and held in various locations within Japan.
  3. For the prevention of global warming, we will actively engage by promoting energy power saving methods that will lead us to low-carbon.
    1. Reduce uses of electricity, oil, gas, water, paper, and create less trash.
    2. Taking initiative in introducing eco-friendly equipment.
  4. We will disseminate our environmental policy not only among all Reiyukai staffs, and all employees, of our affiliated firms and organizations, but through each Mihata Branch’s designated promoter of the ISO Environmental Management System, we will raise awareness to Reiyukai members and those who visit the Reiyukai facilities by the following.
    1. Be conscious that we humans as well as animals and plants live by sharing the environment, and an active engagement for the improvement of the environment is an activity that leads to a contribution to society.
    2. Focus on reducing the intake of natural resources and energy consumption in daily living.
  5. We will take initiative in participating in community activities relating to environmental matters and strive to communicate with the local community.
  6. We will begin researching on how to be certified in “Forest Management” for Mirokusan.
  7. We will be circulating the Reiyukai Environmental Management at all times.
Yoshio Kawai
Representative Officer

Issued: January 1, 2009
3rd Revision: April 1, 2015